Preparing Students for College and a Career in the Information Technology Industry of Tomorrow...

Welcome to the IT Academy Central website. The San Diego County Office of Education in partnership with multiple high schools has developed a robust and powerful curriculum for senior school students interested in pursuing a career in one of the most prevailing industries in the world.

All students must successfully complete the Intro to IT Fundamentals course which reviews, in depth, topics such as:

  • Technology and computer hardware basics
  • Compatibility issues and common computing errors
  • Software installation and functions
  • Security risks and prevention
  • Environmental impact of IT services
  • Preventative maintenance of computers

Throughout their first year in the academy, learners are exposed to various fields in the IT industry with a goal of determining the path they would like to pursue in subsequent years. Currently, the paths available to learners include

  • Hardware Engineering
  • Network Engineering
  • Software Engineering




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